Kaspersky 2012 Release.

I know, this product haven't been released. But this product will be released in maybe 5 days later (Looked from GMT +8 setted PC (Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, or WITA)!

KIS 2012 Countdown
Wanna try? Just wait patiently, then you may upgrade / purchase it.

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Counterfeit software 'invites' malware attack

Of course, using counterfeit software is easy, cheap, even free. But unfortunately, in addiction to violating the law, it could also provoke attacks of malicious program.
Users should be aware of the danger of virus attacks, malware, data loss, identity theft, or even damage on the hardware.
The biggest impact is the misperception of rehabilitation of technology as a result of the widespread adverse effect due to the use of pirated products will have a negative impact both on consumers, as well as countries.
Respect copyrights -including digital work and software- mean value creativity and innovation of the creators, innovators, and creators who drives engine of economic growth.

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iPhone 4 Review

Yep, In this time, I'd like to write a review about iPhone 4 (My favorite phone, compared to Nokia, Sony Erricson, Blackberry, and etc.). Now, i'll give the quick specs.
  • Processor Apple A4 (Arrandle 4) Chip
  • OS Upgradeable (Means you can upgrade it to iOS 4.3 or later) iOS 4.0
  • Display 3.5 inch multi touch display with Retina Display
  • Memory 1 GB?
  • Storage 16 or 32 GB Flash Drive
  • Battery Standby time up to 300 hours, 7hrs talktime in 3G, 10 hrs internet in WiFi.
  • Camera 5mpx with LED flash, support 'till 720p HD.
Yes, I like it. Even when someone dislike it because of the problems it has. But, who cares. Crispy display caused by Retina Display (326 ppi). So revolutionary.
Let's lead to Plus and Mins.
Plus and Mins
  • Expensive (199 USD for 16 GB version (For qualified customers)).
  • Problems with antenna and back glass.
  • Great OS (iOS).
  • Gyro included.
  • HD Recording
For detailed information about iPhone 4, click here

    Dell Inspiron 14R - N4110 Review

    OK, As in the title, i'd like to review the new Dell Inspiron 14R - N4100. Before I'm going to continue, I'd like to give you the quick specs about this Laptop   
    • Processor Intel Core i5 2410M 2.3 GHz
    • OS Windows 7 64-bit
    • Display 14" HD LED Display with TrueLife
    • Memory 6 GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM
    • Storage 640 GB SATA (5400 rpm)
    • Video Card Intergrated 1600 MB Intel HD 3000
    • Disk Drive Blu-ray Disk combo with PDVD 9.6
    • Battery 48 WHr 6-Cells Li-Ion Primary battery
    Yes. There is unusual feature in this laptop. You can change the color of the lid. Yep, everyone will ask you "Do you have 4 laptops?". Also, it has a Blu-ray Disk drive. But i think, this laptop is a bit heavy. So, lets continue to Plus & Mins!

    Plus and Mins
    • Still expensive (1148 USD (Without Dell Prefferd Account))
    • A bit heavy for me
    • The video card still an intergrated graphic processor
    • Home Premium version of Windows. It's not Professional / Ultimate
    • i5 Processor
    • Big hard drive
    • Blu-ray disk drive
    • 64-bit OS.
    • LED Display, support 720p HD
    • 6 GB RAM
    • Bundled McAfee Security Scan (Vaild 'till 15 months / 1 year & 3 months)
    For detail information of this laptop, you can click here.